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The Kiwi’s must do racing differently, with Wellington’s Cup meet having multiple insane incidents on the same afternoon.

The first incident shocked onlookers and those at home, when a local race-goer avoided serious injury to himself, horses and jockeys after jumping the barrier.

Only the sharp reactions of jockeys prevented what could have been a serious incident at Wellington racecourse at Trentham in New Zealand this afternoon.


A patron entered the track and positioned himself in front of the field as the runners approached the finishing post in race 8 of the Wellington Cup meeting.

Punter’s close call.
Camera IconPunter’s close call.

The horses were at full pace contesting the finish and had fanned across the width of the track, with the head-on vision of the race showing at least two jockeys having to steer their mounts to avoid the intruder.

Fortunately no one and no horse was injured, but stewards determined that the results of the race had not been affected by the incident and dividends in the Stephanie Murray Mortgages Premier Handicap were released shortly after.

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The madness didn’t end there, later in the coverage a bunch of punters were spotted in clear violation of any track’s dress code, doing a ‘nudie run’ in the background of the track.

The only casualty at this stage are onlookers eyeballs.


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