Contactless Delivery: What is it Exactly & How Does our Contactless Delivery Work?


Online Shopping and Delivery

Since the epidemic outbreak people have become familiar with the online shopping module and the way it is convenient for them. A few decades back the delivery system was only confined to restaurants but almost anything online and any part of the world. Even the people who hesitated from purchasing online were forced to shift to this module to keep themselves safe from interaction with sellers. The issues faced by the people were:

  • Some people also don’t feel comfortable interacting with the delivery men.
  • Others due to some privacy concerns don’t want to show up at the door to receive the parcel.
  • Some people who have odd working hours just want the parcel to be dropped at the door as they cannot stay home to receive the order.
  • Due to the epidemic, people were concerned about the contact of people with the parcel therefore causing a spread of the disease.

To overcome these hurdles and allowing people to get complete satisfaction from their online shopping experience, the online websites and applications introduced an additional option of contactless delivery that allowed:

  • Sanitized product
  • Low human to human interaction
  • Online payment for the cashless transfer
  • Sense of privacy
  • Sense of security
  • Hygienic methodology

Contactless Delivery

The epidemic has significantly changed our mindset when it comes to hygiene and trusting others and these people want secure delivery. A new concept that has emerged as a result of the epidemic and changing mindsets of the people is contactless delivery. Contactless delivery means that your product is delivered by getting into least contact with humans and it is sanitized and tucked under a controlled and clean environment. So even if you do online shopping for electronics items, it can be delivered contactlessly.  Contactless delivery also requires you to pay through an online module so that you receive 100% secure delivery. This is because giving money by hand to the delivery man will actually make physical contact with money and increases the risks thus it compromises secure delivery.

Terms and Conditions

There are some terms and conditions that you need to fulfill while you want to order something online through this method:

  • Payment must be cleared in advance.
  • Payment should be done through an online system.
  • The client is responsible for receiving the product.
  • The client is responsible for providing the right time and place otherwise the parcel can be lost.
  • Any damage to the product post delivery is not the responsibility of the company.

However, all these things are not a problem for most people yet still it is important to keep them under consideration to save you from any inconvenience or loss. All you have to do is be careful while you enter the location and time of delivery and receive your order as soon as you can to avoid any accidental damage or theft. Make sure to purchase from an application or website with a good reputation and above 4 stars consumer reviews as they provide their clients with better services and are considered to be reliable. If you are buying a branded product then you must buy it from the official online stores of the brand to ensure that you get the original product.

Secure Express Delivery Service

Sometimes the customers not only need their secure package delivery but they also need it to reach them within less time. When customers need the best of both worlds secure express delivery service is the key. Secure express delivery service means that the client will get the benefits of contactless delivery and express delivery. To avail of this facility, you need to pay via some online payment method and you need to pay some extra fees for a secure package delivery to be at your doorstep within less than standard delivery days.

Security Delivery Specialist

In case you are concerned that you will not receive your secure package delivery or there might be some other things that you are concerned about. To clear out those concerns you can consult the security delivery specialist of the website. A security delivery specialist is a person who is responsible for the secure package delivery. Websites that have high hygiene standards have a specialist to make sure that he addresses all the concerns and hurdles that are coming in the way of customers to make a purchase.

Secure Delivery Reception

It is important to stay alert for secure delivery reception; this is because if you are not at home at the time of delivery there are chances that your parcel will be left at the door. You must also specify a clean surface where you want the delivery man to leave the parcel so that you don’t have concerns about leaving your parcel on the door rug. Secure delivery reception is merely the responsibility of the buyer as the company will not be held responsible if the parcel is taken away by someone, damaged by rain or pet animals.

Contactless Delivery Options

There are two options when it comes to ordering contactless delivery. One is the button on several websites and applications that states that you can order from a contactless delivery service. If any such option is not available then you can request the delivery man in the instruction section to leave the parcel on the doorstep however, they would not do so if you have not paid for the parcel beforehand.

Contactless Delivery Process

If you want to place such an order then you can do so by following the below-mentioned instructions:

  1. You select a website or a mobile application that provides an online shopping and delivery service.
  2. Check the listing and search for the product that you want to desire.
  3. Select the contactless delivery option from the buy now section or indicate in the further instructions section that you want contactless delivery.
  4. Enter the location and time of delivery.
  5. Pay for the order using an online payment system.
  6. You will get a notification or a message that the parcel is at your doorstep.
  7. Receive the order from your defined location and time.
  8. Provide service feedback to the company with suggestions or complaints if any.



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