Woman makes McDonald’s inspired egg McMuffins for tradie partner

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After a long day at work, Legacy-Shay gets home and immediately starts meal prepping for her partner’s lunch the next day.

The next morning, the New Zealand woman wakes up at the crack of dawn to finish off the elaborate packed lunch, which could include everything from a McDonald’s-inspired Egg McMuffin (with extra bacon and hash browns, of course) to handmade sushi or bao buns and dumplings.

“I usually get up around 5.30am to 6am depending on how much I’ve prepped the night before,” Legacy-Shay explained on her TikTok.

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Legacy-Shay’s partner, who is a tradesman, spends long hours working at building sites, so she likes to pack him plenty of fuel to get through the day.

She typically sends her man to work with two kinds of breakfast sandwiches, lunch and several prepared snacks as well as drinks for the day.

“He works long hours, so snacks, snacks and more snacks to keep him going,” she shared.

“Sometimes he doesn’t eat it all, and some days he does – depends how hungry he is.”

One meal that Legacy-Shay is especially proud of is her homemade sticky char siu pork.

She explained in a TikTok video how she “cooked the pork slowly in the oven, adding the sauce every so often so the flavour goes all throughout the meat.”

Is it lunchtime yet?

But we’re not the only ones fangirling over Legacy-Shay’s incredible lunch box creations.

She’s already picked up a huge following on TikTok, racking over 7000 followers, 82,000 likes since she started her page in early May.

Thousands of people have watched Legacy-Shay’s videos, describing her as a “keeper” and the “best girlfriend ever”.

“Boyfriend? You marriage material right there,” one fan wrote.

“Where can I apply to be your daughter?” someone else said while another commenter said: “I wonder if any of his mates get excited to see what he’s got for lunch every day.”

“This is motivating me to get up in the am to make his lunch,” a fellow girlfriend added.

“Can’t even make my own breakfast lunch and tea … very motivating! Looks yummy,” someone else gushed.

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